The real reasons you should hire a Millennial

Over the past few years there's been a lot of different generations talking about Millennials in the workforce. From panels and webinars, to blogs on ‘How to effectively manage Millennials’ there's a lot of negative public commentary on how to deal with the whole generation. While this is fine, the issue I’ve seen is that nearly every time it’s talked about, it’s by a Boomer or Gen X. 

What's missing, is a Millennials perspective. In true Millennial style, we’ll either make fun of it, or ignore the entire issue. As somebody who has done both of those things recently, I think it’s only fair to give a Millennial’s perspective on the matter and actively promote our good qualities. 

So if you’ve been hesitant to hire a Millennial or are skeptical of the whole generation, here’s some of the best qualities about us, coming from an actual Millennial. 

We were born at the beginning of the digital revolution

Millennials were lucky enough to be born in that awkward moment between fax machines and emails, encyclopedias and Google. We weren’t glued to our phones as kids, but still grew up having to ask our parents to get off the phone so we could use the internet. 

Beyond being able to fix your iPhone or laptop, we’ve grown up with technology and can easily make sense of new programs and technology. New system? No problems, give us a day and we’ll be able to train the rest of the team on it. We’ll actively be able to help drive your company's technology in the best way and consistently be early adopters of new technology. 

We find quicker ways to do things

Millenials are continually accused of being lazy. One of my favourite quotes from Bill Gates is “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”. While by no means this confirms we are actually lazy as a generation, we definitely don’t see the point in doing something one way if there is a better or more efficient way to do it. We’re instinctively problem-solvers and will challenge the norm to improve things in a business environment.

We go after the best

Lack of company loyalty is often thrown around alongside the issues with Millennials. While it is shown that we switch jobs more often than our generational predecessors, the truth is it's because we want to work for companies that value us. We know there are companies who will support their staff's growth, progression, offer a great culture and benefits. If we feel like you’re not being fair or treating us good enough, we have no issues with leave. 

To flip the issue, as an employer rather than focusing on the millenials leaving, take it as an indication to focus on how you can make them stay instead. Seek to find the ‘why’ rather than just blaming it on their age.  

If we believe in it, we’ll work our asses off

More than anything, the thing I always hear from fellow Millennials is ‘I want to make a difference’. Whether that means by changing the world or changing a product or company, we want our contributions to be impactful and noticed. 

When you give a Millenial the opportunity to make a visible change, contribute to a large project or prove themselves without help, like an elephant; we don’t forget it. When we feel nurtured and part of something that is making a difference we’ll go above and beyond to prove our worth and be loyal to the company that gave that opportunity to us. 

We drive culture

We spend the majority of our lives at work, so we think you should enjoy being there as much as possible. Beyond the stereotypical pool tables and beer fridges, we want an open and positive company culture. We’re vocal in what we want and will always push for personal development, team goals, open workspaces and consistent communication in a workplace. 

We want more, because we know it’s possible. Adding a Millennial to your team or social committee will improve culture and create a work environment that attracts top talent. 

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