Starz Catering - Website

While in an Uber on my way to watch the North Sydney Bears play, I started chatting to my lovely driver Costa. Having a general chat about COVID and how he ended up driving for Uber, he mentioned he had a catering business that had been hit pretty hard since the ban on gatherings and events.

Having some shared events experience, we spoke about how we'd both lost work during the pandemic. Mentioning to me he didn't have a website, we exchanged details and started planning his site which would hopefully get him some new work!

With only a low-res logo and an image in his mind, we started from scratch to make him a website that ticked all his boxes. Using fresh, local produce as the main imagery and theme throughout the site, we tied that in with his Mediterranean background using lots of deep dark reds and browns. Drawing focus to the different types of catering he offered while highlighting his experience in some high-profile events from the Olympics to the Supercars.

I was so glad that he was happy with what I was able to produce and truly hope this helps him reach more customers!

If you're in need of an amazing caterer, make sure you send Costa and the Starz team a message here.

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